Saturday, September 10, 2005

Revisited: Justice, though late, is still Sweet

In June of this year Edgar Ray Killen was found guilty of killing three civil rights workers 41 years ago. In August Killen was released on bail pending an appeal process that could have outlived Killen. The judge that released Killen on bail said, at the time, that he did so because he was convinced that Killen was neither a threat to society nor likely to run.

Now Killen has been returned to jail by the same judge, who now claims that he had released Killen on bail because of his deteriorating health. With sickening arrogance Killen, while free on bail, did not hide the fact that he didn't need the wheelchair and oxygen bottle that he used throughout the trial and the bond hearing and, by doing so, provided the proof that his health is not so deteriorating. In fact, Killen was planning to attend a "Killen Appreciation Day" reception proposed by a white supremacist group.

The judge under justified pressure to return Killen to jail claims that Killen lied to the court about his health. I think the judge is worried about losing his job in the next election. The judge showed an outrageous disregard for the justice for which the families of the murder victims had to wait far too long. I pray that good sense will still unseat this judge at the earliest opportunity.