Sunday, April 03, 2005

Working on His plan for me

Laura and I with my daughter Sara, my son Jon and a few friends visited another church in the area. It may be the largest church in the Danbury area. It was nice, not as charismatic as the church we belong to but perhaps we caught them on an off night. The pastor was young but he was a good speaker and his sermon was very well prepared with projected verses and supporting graphics. I thought the message was good. He encouraged each of us to be a living sacrifice to God by fulfilling God's plan for us as well as we can with all the talents He has given us, by appreciating all that He has provided for us and by loving and respecting each other as He loves us. But, life is filled with obstacles and temptations to overcome as we strive for success. The pastor introduced several church members who with many others have established various ministries which provide support to any and all who are struggling. I struggle. Does anybody not have to struggle? Is anybody unaffected by all temptations? I doubt it. I could benefit from one or more of those ministries but I didn't ask for help tonight. Did I not because I don't think they can really help me or because I'm not ready to open up to others or worse yet, because I'm not strong enough to turn away from some of life's temptations. Yes, yes and yes. I have a ways to go but I'm still working at it.


Laura said...

I agree that there were a few ministries there that would benefit you. Certainly, the men's ministry, but since we have a men's ministry at our church, I would think that is the one you would want to join. You may not be ready to open up to others about your feelings, but you are opening up to your family more these days, and that is the first step. I think Rob's message was good, and I think it was reinforced today by Pastor's message. I also believe that God was trying to tell us something since he had us hear the message twice in less than a 24 hour period.

Karen Castevens said...

Joe...that was so sincere. I appreciate your opening up on that blog. I too struggle with temptations...being so worldly at times. I was not brought up in church. I was saved after I got married. I am working on that part. Pray for me too. Great blog!!