Saturday, December 24, 2005

Is your Christmas a warning?

The Christmas season can be the most challenging and telling time of the year. It is an accurate and unavoidable gauge of a person's satisfaction. Whether one wants to know does not matter. Christmas, like dying, is a mandatory self-evaluation of your satisfaction with your life. While dying is the final exam with no retake, Christmas is a practice test - a warning if one is not doing well.

Everybody is familiar with Dickens' story "A Christmas Carol". When it is taken seriously, as Dickens intended, the story is sobering and terrifying. Dickens' Scrooge learns his lesson, takes a good share of the satisfaction that was waiting for him and the story has a happy ending for all. Real life is harsher than this Dickens' tale. Satisfaction for Scrooge was always there for the taking. Scrooge only had to accept it.

In real life, satisfaction is not low hanging fruit. Sometimes Tiny Tim does not recover. Satisfaction is not a goose in a butcher's shop and we are not islands of self-contained satisfaction. Our satisfaction is the product of our relationships with friends and family. It is not who or what we are. It is what we have made with others and of others.

On the day of our final exam, it is another’s hand that we must find in our own – warm and comforting, holding tight with love. On Christmas morning count the people around your tree not the gifts under it. Is your Christmas a warning?

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~Kat said...

Hey - thanks for stopping in on my blog - to respond, the realization I had didn't come from one night of having a conversation with an elderly lady - this was months in the making, filled with church hopping all over - traveling for miles (sometimes an hour or more) to visit churches that were supposed to have more people in my age bracket. The "try harder or try elsewhere" has been my life story for the last 9 months.

Just wanted you to know that I didn't make that blog post hastily or without thought. That's not my style - it was a terrible conclusion to come to and it didn't appear overnight.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope we better understand one another now - take care.