Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hill of Wildflowers

We have a steep hill along our backyard. We've been planting wildflowers on it for the last 3 years. This year two flowers dominate the hill. In the past we've had more of a mix but the Sunflower and the Black-eyed Susan have taken over.

We haven't decided what to do when there are more dead blossums than live blossums. One landscaper recommended that we cut everything back to 12 inches and the flowers will set more blossums. Another landscaper suggested doing nothing but it starts to look pretty poor. If you have dealt with this issue let me know what you think worked best.


Karen said...

absolutely lovely!
Yes, I think cut them back if you're certain they've seeded; it's what they do in Texas. They can't mow along the highways until all the wildflowers are done seeding. It makes Spring Spectacular!

Joe said...

My questions will prove how little I know about flowers. How do I know when they have seeded? Will they blossom again?

Karen said...

This might help:

This is the UK take...and your climate might be similar, so after the little fellows are dry for a week or so? They've already mowed here for over a month now, in Texas. Or call a nursery. I can't say I have a green thumb!