Friday, June 08, 2007


"The happiest people don't HAVE the best of everything. They just MAKE the best of everything they have."

I have to keep working on this one!
How are you doing?


karen said...

I'm doing pretty well with it...I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex...the mecca of all things materialistic. I think I have the best of everything and thank God for all blessings. I know you do, too, Joe.
We visited some friends last weekend with, literally, a 6 ft long television. The wife laughed when I mentioned our 27" tv. She thought I was kidding. Then they tried to give us the sales pitch on why we need a 6ft tv.
Who needs a 6ft tv?
I love my house, I've done funky things with it. It'll be the right size to retire in, or rent out.
Just don't want to be married to a huge house payment and payments for 'stuff'. Just wanna be....happy.

Joe said...

Karen, I used to live in the Dallas area. I lived in an apartment in Arlington that was close enough to the Rangers Stadium that I could hear the game. I bought my first house in "The Colony" East of Lewisville. At that time The Colony was a small clump of houses in the middle of a vast grassy plain. That area is so populated now that I can't distinguish The Colony from the towns that have swelled to fill all the space around it.

I'm shocked by your friend's reaction to your 27" TV. I hope she has reflected on it and regrets what she said. I marvel at the technology of the large screen high definition TV's. The image is so nearly real that I am always amazed (it doesn't take much to trill me). But, I don't own one. We actually ordered a 42" HDTV a few years ago for Christmas. It cost a lot and it never felt like a reasonable purchase. When the shipment was delayed I took the opportunity to cancel the order. I felt so much better that I spent half the refunded money for two PC's for our church. The church needed the PC's more than we needed a 42" TV but... I'm still impressed by those high tech, high def images!

The happiest people I've known are the most satisfied. They are satisfied with themselves, their families, their jobs and their possessions. They are not resigned to not having more but they don't need more.

karen said..., see Joe? You got something for the church. You rock! I asked my hubby if he wanted a HD tv (smaller!!) for Father's Day. He didn't. He likes them, but it's not a priority.