Saturday, July 07, 2007

No longer the Land of the Free

It started when Bush was given the presidency by the Supreme Court, my feeling that the United States of America is not the Land of the Free. The Bush Administration has demonstrated repeatedly that it will do as it pleases regardless of our Constitution and our Laws. Two Republican-appointed federal appeals court judges, in a 2-1 decision, ordered a lower court to dismiss a case brought by plaintiffs that challenged the legality of the wiretapping program. The appeals court did not address the lower court ruling that the spying program was unconstitutional, rather it ruled only that the plaintiffs could not sue since they lacked proof that they were targets of the wiretapping. The Administration claims it is protecting State Secrecy by not revealing their targets thus preventing the plaintiffs from obtaining proof if any exists.

Our Constitution established checks and balances to ensure that no branch of the government could get away with abuses. Bush ignores the check that would protect against illegal wiretapping. The check is the "special surveillance court". Bush has authorized his agencies to wiretap without a warrant from the special surveillance court. Bush's own very conservative Attorney General resigned because he would not sanction the wiretapping. A US District court ruled that secret wiretapping is unconstitutional. But Bush continues to wiretap without oversight while using his appointed judges to prevent us from challenging his conduct in court.

This is what happens all the time in other countries but, "Thank God", I used to say, "that I live in America where this will never happen." Well, live and learn. It also happens here.

Bush abuses human rights. Bush violates our Constitution. Bush started and continues the war in Iraq for the benefit of the Military-Industrial Complex. The war costs us $200 million every day and may exceed a total cost of $1 trillion. Who do you think is being paid that money? How interested are they in seeing the war end sooner than later? I'm pretty sure that they are not anxious to see the war and their hugh profits come to a halt.

Bush stole the presidency and has gone on to rape America. Who thinks otherwise?


karen said...

I'm not sure what the answer is. I'm frustrated. Too many people I know have been in Iraq. Praise God so far they've all come home.

Either Bush is absolutely the most dangerous and crazy man alive...or he is brave and knows something we don't.
Who has the guts to keep doing what he's doing when so many are against him?? I'm flabbergasted by the whole thing.

Joe said...

If the war in Iraq was the only Bush act that we question then he could be courageously acting on information that we can not know; however, violations of the Constitution and stubbornly defending his Attorney General who has lied to our Congress are further evidence that Bush is an arrogant elitist with an agenda that he won't divulge to the public. As long as he has the power to act he doesn't care what we believe.