Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin and the RNC teleprompter

Although it seems unbelieveable that she would lie about such a small matter, Sarah Palin claims that the teleprompter failed during her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. On the road, she told an audience of Ohioans that she was looking at the Ohio delegation when the teleprompter failed so she just kept talking to Ohio and didn't use the script. That's odd because the news agencies reported that her speech matched almost word for word the script that they were given beforehand.

Why lie about the speech when the risk of getting caught is so high?

She still maintains that she didn't use the teleprompter but she did't make it up as she went either since it was essentially the same speech as the script.

She's lied about the Bridge to Nowhere, she's lied about the earmarks, she's lied about her acceptance speech. When does she tell the truth?

She claims that she didn't fire Alaska's Commission of Public Safety because he didn't take her hint and fire her ex-brother-in-law but before being asked to testify she told the committee (3 republicans and 2 democrats) investigating the possible ethics violation that she would not testify. Has she told the truth about this matter?

If you can't trust her to be honest about the little things can you trust to be honest about the big things later one?


lauraanne said...

I totally agree - the more we learn about Ms. Palin, the more we see that she is NOT the person the GOP has made her out to be - do we REALLY want someone like that sitting in the White House??? I think NOT!!!

Joe said...

McCain and the GOP may be as surprised by the real Sarah Palin as we are.

Sarah's popularity has dropped a lot with all the revelations. I think her ratings were 42% favorable and 52% unfavorable. That's a big change.

A few decades ago a Democratic presidential candidate changed his VP selection after a couple of weeks when it was revealed that his first choice had been treated for an emotional problem. If the vast majority rejects Palin do you think that McCain would replace her? It may not save him but if she is very unpopular it may be his only chance to recover.

karen said...

They are all liars, Joe. Every one.