Monday, August 24, 2009

Obama's First Vacation

President Obama has been in office 209 days. He just started his first vacation which will last 7 days. That's less vacation than the average working person takes in the same period of time.

So why do his opponents feel justified in complaining that he is vacationing? Why are they complaining about where he has chosen to vacation? Why are they complaining about how much the vacation might cost when he is personnally paying for it?

This is just another petty attack by those who take every opportunity to disagree with Obama.

For the record, the presidents who spent more of their presidency on vacation than all other presidents are GHW Bush (37%), GW Bush (33%) and Ronald Reagan (15%). For comparison: Carter, 5%; Clinton, 5%; Obama, 3%.

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Kansas Bob said...

I am glad to see him vacationing.. thought he did a good job combining pleasure and business when he took his family on his trips to Europe, Africa, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. Presidents absolutely need time to de-stress.. the beach seems like a great place to do it.