Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bush Tax Cuts Cost 2.5 Times As Much As Proposed Health Care Reform

The Republican Party has been complaining that Health Care Reform proposed by the Democrats is too expensive.  The cost has been estimated to be as much as $1 trillion over 10 years.  The GOP didn't complain when President GW Bush asked them for tax cuts that cost almost 2.5 times as much as Health Care Reform.  The Bush tax cuts (including interest) cost $2.485 trillion.  More than 30% of that benefitted the top 1% of wage earners.  That's worth almost $500,000 to each taxpayer in the top 1% compared to $7,200 to each taxpayer in the middle income category.

Health Care Reform will benefit everybody, whereas the Bush tax cuts benefitted the rich much more than the middle class and the poor.

The AMA and AARP both strongly endorsed the proposed health care reform but Eric Cantor, House Minority Leader, discounted both endorsements.  Cantor said the AARP is a Washington DC based organization that is not in touch with the people and the AMA does not reflect the opinion of its membership.  Congressman Cantor is more than willing to say anything in his effort to defeat health care reform.

Remember who the GOP is representing the next time you go to the polls to vote.

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