Sunday, October 11, 2009

What You'll Need To Survive The Apocalypse

I stumbled upon a website that provides survival information for an apocalypse.  There are apparently people who are expecting an apocalypse that will destroy civilization.  This is not necessarily the apocalypse of Revelation.  The website I found is hosted by one such person and he provides a checklist of the equipment you will need to survive.  Each item is ranked 1 (least important) to 5 (critical for survival).  I noticed that the list does not include food or water.  The only item with the least important rank of 1 is a gas mask; a harmonica is more important with a rank of 2.  An adjustable wrench and two screwdrivers are critical to survival with a rank of 5 and more important than a knife, a water purifier and a crank flashlight.  A Russian bomber hat is more important than either a radio or fishing equipment.  A Russian Bomber Hat???

I admit that I have no survival training but my common sense tells me that this list is not going to be my guide to surviving an apocalypse, that is, if I decide to prepare for an apocalypse.  But, I could be wrong.  What do you think?  Do you need to be prepared for an apocalypse and, if so, what would you put on your equipment survival list?

Survival Equipment Checklist:

5 Wool Socks
5 Dust Mask
5 Rain Coat
5 Long Underwear
5 Down Coat
5 Gun
5 Matches, Magnifying Glass, Magnesium, Flint and Steel
5 Phillips and Standard screwdriver
5 Adjustable Wrench
5 Compass
5 First Aid Kit
5 Map
5 Canteen for Water
5 Canteen for Fuel
4 Goggles
4 Extra Clothes
4 Mittens/Gloves
4 Iodine Tablets
4 Collapsible Saw
4 Crowbar
4 Hunting Knife
3 Russian Bomber Hat
3 Pump Water Purifier
3 Crank Flashlight
3 Can-opener
3 Needle and Thread
3 Binoculars
3 Tarp
2 Leatherman (folding multi-tool)
2 Fishing Equipment
2 Small Radio
2 Harmonica
1 Gas Mask

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Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

I'll post my answer here too.

Being a backpacker (Well, not so much in recent years.) I have most of what I need, but nowhere near what is on that list. The iodine tablets are for purifying water, but a tiny portion of bleach in a gallon of water will do it too, as well as boiling it. I have a hand pumped water filter.

It would all depend on how the "apocalypse" comes. Is it nuclear, bio-chemical, the extremely popular in recent years, zombie apocalypse? ;-) Depending on how it comes would make a difference in the supplies.

There are two new post-apocalyptic movies coming out. The Book of Eli and The Road. I've read The Road and it dealt a lot with trying to find supplies, the Book of Eli is about another important subject that comes up when discussing disasters, preserving humanity's knowledge.

My Native American Cedar Flute would replace the harmonica on the list. :-)