Thursday, January 14, 2010

Will Christian Leaders Condemn Pat Robertson's Statement About Haiti?

I've been Googling for reactions to Pat Robertson's statement that Haiti is cursed because of a 200 year-old pact with the devil during the slave revolt against the French.  I found responses from MSNBC, the White House and various bloggers.  With the exception of a few bloggers, Robertson is being condemned for his statement. claims that Robertson was only stating an historical fact regarding the "pact" and that the living conditions in Haiti are evidence to Robertson and others that Haiti is cursed.  The statement goes on to praise Robertson's call for prayer and relief aid for Haiti.

Should I assume that Christian leaders and Christian bloggers are silent because they do not disagree with Robertson?  Am I overreacting along with MSNBC and the White House or do Christians really believe that Haiti has been cursed and abandoned by God for the last 200 years?

I was not surprised by Robertson's statement; it was expected.  I didn't expect silence from the Christian community.  How naive of me.


Kansas Bob said...

I posted a video that rebuts the Robertson quote this morning. Other bloggers like Christian leader and author Donald Miller have posted about Robertson's crazy comment. I have exchanged comments with several folks on Facebook and haven't dound anyone defending his comments or the one offer by Rush Limbaugh.

I struggle with rebutting every crazy thing that he and other wackos like Limbaugh say because it gives them a credibility that they should not have.

Hope you are well Joe. I am just getting some energy back to blog a bit and visit other blogs.

Joe said...

You're right Bob. I overreacted. Robertson doesn't deserve a rebuttal from me. I take such people too seriously and I don't need the stress that results from it.

Welcome back.