Friday, April 16, 2010

GOP Starts Rumor That Supreme Court Candidate Is A Lesbian

I am convinced that the Republican National Committee, the Republican congressional leadership and the majority of Republican politicians are willing to do anything that benefits them and their major financial supporters. Their latest dirty trick is unethical, immoral and a violation of civil law.

A Republican Senatorial staffer and past member of the GW Bush administration started a rumor that Elena Kagan, a candidate for the Supreme Court, is a lesbian. Focus on the Family immediately piled on in their typical non-Christ-like manner by proclaiming that they would oppose the appointment of a homosexual. The White House in a rare response denied that Kagan was a lesbian without suggesting that sexual orientation is an issue.

However, the GOP and Focus are ignoring the truth, as they normally do. I can't wait to hear how Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich and the FOX propagandists will take advantage of this lie.

These people are everything they disapprove of. They are an embarrassment to America and, if they are Christian role models, they invalidate the Christian religion. Why would any intelligent, informed, ethical, compassioate person respect the GOP and the Christians that follow them.

Don't ignore the GOP and their so-called Christian cohorts, actively oppose them. They are unethical and un-American and anybody that supports them either knowingly approves of their conduct or is too ignorant to know them for what they are. Their is not a third option; if you support them and you are not ignorant then you are no better than they are.

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