Saturday, August 09, 2014

Too Many People Are Abusing Our American Flag

Don't abuse and misuse our American Flag and call it patriotic. How many times have you seen a dirty, faded, thread bare American Flag attached to a car antenna? Sometimes half the flag is gone; torn away bit by bit as it is whipped by the wind. How often do you see the American flag flying in the rain or flying at night without being illuminated. If you want to display the American Flag do it the right way and for the right purpose.


Don't stick flags in your flower bed so that they are touching the ground or draped across a plant and don't leave them out at night unless you have a light shinning on them.

A flag isn't supposed to be used for advertising. I won't do business with a company that flies the flag to attract the business of patriots. When a business flies several flags, every day, all night and in the rain, it isn't to honor our flag.


Don't wear the flag around you neck, on your forehead or as a scarf. Just because a company makes and sells flags for that purpose doesn't make it right. Don't wear it as a patch on you coat unless you are in uniform and you are military, police or firefighter.

When a flag is no longer in presentable condition it must be properly retired. Tossing it into a trash can is not an approved method. The flag should be burned. If you don't or can't retire it properly, take it to your local VFW or American Legion. They will do it for you.

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