Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Conservatives Unhappy With Miss USA Pageant, Again!

Many conservatives are upset that Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, has been crowned Miss USA instead of Miss Oklahoma, Elizabeth Woolard, who was the first runner-up.  They feel that Miss Oklahoma should have won but did not because she expressed approval of Arizona's new Immigration Law when responding to one of the interview questions.  Furthermore, they feel that Ms. Fakih is the "affirmative action" choice because she is a Muslim born in Lebanon (another case of reverse discrimination).

Sound familiar?  In 2009, Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was the first runner-up in the Miss USA pageant.  Conservatives claimed that Prejean did not win the crown because she had disapproved of same-sex marriage during her interview.

Now Ms. Fakih's pre-pageant life is being scrutinized and criticized publicly by conservatives in an attempt to disqualify her even though Ms. Fakih was only an innocent bystander.

Miss USA contestants are judged in three competitions: Interview, Swimsuit and Evening Gown.  The judges evaluate each contestant's poise, charm, self-confidence, beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, sense of style, ability to communicate, the substance of her communication and her character.  If Miss Oklahoma's performance in the interview dropped her from first to second place in the overall competition then it is likely that an adequate number of the judges did not approve of the character revealed in Miss Oklahoma's response since her ability to communicate has not been cited as deficient.

The majority of Americans and many Arizonans strongly disapprove of Arizona's Immigration Law because its enforcement is a violation of American civil rights, therefore, Miss Oklahoma's approval of the Immigration Law is evidence of a character defect.  I, and I suspect the majority of Americans, do not disagree with Arizona's opposition to illegal immigration, rather, it is the action that the Immigration Law requires of all Arizona Law enforcement personnel that we find to be disagreeable and unconstitutional.

And, conservative whining... I find that disagreeable, also!

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