Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pope Blames Church For Its Persecution Over The Sex Abuse Scandal

Pope Benedict XVI believes that the Catholic Church is being persecuted! Could he be more self-righteous and unapologetic?!?! When I think of a persecution I think of the Jewish Holocaust, the Muslim conquest of the Holy Lands, the Crusades to retake the Holy Lands and convert the Muslims, the Inquisition of heretics and atheists and the Roman persecution of the Christians. The Catholic Church is being justifiably punished, not persecuted, for covering up sexual abuses by its clerics. The cover up has been led by the Vatican and every pope since the abuses became public. Pedophilia in the Catholic Church has existed so long that it is institutionalized.

The Vatican's only response has been to minimize its legal and financial exposures by lying, coercion and bribery. The Vatican had tried to dismiss the abuses as American only. The current pope is the first one to 'approach' apologizing, however, alligator tears do not make an apology and certainly do not deliver the changes needed to prevent future abuses.

I don't think the leadership of the Catholic Church deserves to survive its wrongs. The lay Catholics should purge all ranks of the church's leadership if they want their church to survive since Pope Benedict XVI has confirmed that no one in the Vatican is going to respond properly, completely and consistently.

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Kansas Bob said...

Ann and I were just talking today about the pope didn't respond until he was personally implicated in the cover-up. Simply sad. I am with you hoping that the lay community figures out a way to purge the leadership.