Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rep. Virginia Foxx receives Ronald Reagan Award

The GOP has presented the 2010 Ronald Reagan Award to Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC).  After watching the attached video wherein Foxx is praised for her hard work in the House I decided to find out how much legislation Foxx has proposed while in the House.  Since joining the House in 2005, Foxx has proposed 31 bills of which only 5 were approved.

Approved legislation:
  • Allow service personnel to include combat pay in earned income to determine tax deduction
  • Extend Associate membership to spouse and siblings of members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart
  • Commend Appalachian State football team for winning NCAA I-AA football championship
  • Provides Federal employees with electronic receipts for direct deposits
  • Provides House members with electronic receipts for direct deposits
Considering the GOP praises in the attached video I expected a lot more.  I wonder how President Reagan would feel about his award going to Foxx for such an insignificant contribution.  Perhaps Foxx's real contribution was her 100% support of the House GOP caucus voting directives.

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