Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rep. Mark Souder Takes Responsibility And Resigns

Representative Mark Souder reminded us how very hard it is to remain "holier than thou" when he resigned for having an affair with an assistant.  If a resignation was called for then I commend him for voluntarily resigning instead of hanging on until his constituents or his colleagues ousted him.  So many before Souder have refused to resign when a resignation was called for - that is when the member of Congress violated a law or his oath, such that he would be expected to resign.

Souder, who was elected in 1994 on a "family values" platform, makes the following statement on his website.  "I believe that Congress must fight to uphold the traditional values that undergird the strength of our nation.  The family plays a fundamental role in our society... I am committed to preserving traditional marriage, the union of one man and one woman."

Perhaps Souder meant "one woman" at a time.

Was Souder sincere when he ran on a "family values" platform and like most of us stumbled.  Or did he select the "family values" platform only to get votes?


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Maybe they should do what some Christian pastors and laymen do and have accountability partners. If they feel they might be tempted they should take action to prevent it.

Joe said...

The C-Street House was supposed to provide that kind of support to members of Congress but they went astray.

The Men's Ministry at the last church I belonged to suggested that member's make commitments and provide support to each other in small groups. I think it works only if there is enough trust but it takes a lot of trust.

Kansas Bob said...

Another sad story for sure. Reminds me of the pastor of a fundamentalist church I attended for 18 years in my youth. He preached hard against immorality and was very pro-family until he ran off to Florida with a female church staff member.

Anymore my radar goes off when folks are very outspoken about such things.. as the saying goes.. perhaps they protest too much.