Saturday, May 03, 2014

The Bundy Ranch Standoff Has Gone Too Far

The Bundy Bunch has gone too far. Previously, I thought the government should only lay siege to the Bundy property. During the siege anyone can leave. Nobody can enter and no materials, food or water can be delivered to the ranch. Anyone leaving the property would be disarmed and detained for questioning, if that person is a member of the Bundy family they should be detained until everyone has left the Bundy property and law enforcement has determined whether to charge them with a crime.

But, the Bundy Bunch are now endangering neighbors and travelers that must cross the checkpoints established by the Bunch. This is intolerable and if this continues the Bunch will eventually harm someone. Therefore, the government should order the Bundy Bunch to leave the area and surrender to the government, or abandon the check points and withdraw onto the Bundy property. When the whole Bunch has withdrawn onto the Bundy property, the government should lay siege along the Bundy property perimeter and wait for the Bundy Bunch to surrender. All utilities, if any, entering the property shall be turned off and left off until the Bundy ranch has been evacuated.

If the Bundy Bunch refuses to abandon the check points and withdraw, the military should clear the check points by force. Anyone who resists will be shot and everyone on the Bundy property will be charged with resisting.

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