Saturday, May 03, 2014

Who are Cliven Bundy's Defenders?

Defending Cliven Bundy: A family activity!
No one too old - no one too young.
Bring the kids and stand guard together.

Shelley Shelton, her son, Chris Shelton, and her one-week-old grandson are in Nevada defending Cliven Bundy. I wondered who would bring their new-born grandchild to an armed conflict with the federal government, so I looked for this grandmother and her son and found that they own and operate a power washing business in Las Vegas. They look like a typical family - next door neighbors. But, they aren't typical. How many families do you know that would grab up the grandkids, lawnchairs and assault weapons and spend a few weeks confronting the federal government to defend an anti-government racist militant rancher who is ripping off the government and the taxpayers? This family has a serious problem. I think that they are guilty of criminal endangerment of the grandchild. They are not courageous patriots.

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