Saturday, May 03, 2014

Twitter discussion with an Obamacare Opponent

My discussion with an Obamacare opponent named M* M*:

M* M*: Majority Disagree w Obama on Foreign Policy, ACA, Economy but Don't Worry People Still Like Him Personally! Democrats R A Joke

JoeNavy: Spoken like a Fox fan. People opposed to ACA know nothing of ACA. Experience will change their minds but not yours.

M* M*: I Don't use healthcare & refuse to pay for anyone else's.  When I Need It I will buy a Reasonable policy.  Ppl Don't Like Buracracy

JoeNavy: Buying insurance after you're sick causes others to pay higher premiums. That's like buying car insurance after an accident.

M* M*: Auto & Health Vary Greatly, I Support Auto Insurance to protect others from Loss & I Do take Responsibility for MY Healthcare Costs

JoeNavy: Who pays if you are disabled in an accident and cannot pay for your healthcare? The taxpayers will; not you.

So I started searching for M* M*.  He’s in his early 30’s.  He’s separated from his wife and living with another woman; they just had a child in March.  In the past 10 years he has been sued 7 times by creditors.  One of the creditors was a non-profit Healthcare Provider, which was paid by garnishing M* M*’s wages for a couple of years.  One of the creditors was his mortgage bank who foreclosed on his home.  He finally filed bankruptcy.

This doesn’t sound like a person that will take responsibility for his healthcare costs.

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