Saturday, May 03, 2014

Lord, do you know what your Followers are saying and doing?

Lord, I'm confused by what many of your followers say and do.
  • Did you tell them to execute people in cold blood and laugh about it when they botch it?
  • Did you tell them to hate the poor if they ask for food?
  • Did you tell them to hate people who worship you in a different way?
  • Did you tell them to persecute homosexuals?
  • Did you tell them to carry guns and shoot anyone that gives them the slightest excuse to do so? It's shocking how proud they are when they do kill someone.
  • Did you tell them that they can dictate how everyone else should live and love and to persecute or imprison those who do not comply?
  • Did you tell them that the faithful will prosper on earth?
  • Did you tell your followers that the Beatitudes no longer matter?
  • Did you retract "The Sheep and the Goats?" Most of your followers are not heeding that message.
  • Do you really tell Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly what you want us to know? Their messages are always hateful instead of loving and forgiving as you always were.
 I'm sure you already know all this. The good news is that some of your believers don't believe as they do. But, they make such a loud noise that no one else can be heard...except by you.

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