Sunday, September 27, 2009

The American Way: Take What You Need From The Weak Guy

A 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll asked the following:

California and New York City now require calorie-counts to be printed on fast food menus. Which of the following other things would you most like to see happen to reduce obesity?
  • A Fast Food tax
  • A Soft Drink tax
  • A ban on using food stamps to buy high-fat food
  • Scales at restaurant entrances
  • A tax credit for liposuction
  • None of the above
Question Results:

  • 38.86% - A ban on using food stamps to buy high-fat food
  • 33.89% - None of the above
  • 14.16% - A fast food tax
  • 10.04% - A soft drink tax
  • 1.70% - Scales at restaurant entrances
  • 1.35% - A tax credit for liposuction
This is not a scientific poll but I still think the results reflect the American attitude.  "The poor people are the problem.  They want the government to take care of them and they are getting fat in the process."

"Stop Obesity: Put Poor People On A Diet"

The good result is that one-third of the respondents probably realize that you can't legislate a proper diet.  Sin tax is not a way to correct behavior; it is a way of collecting more tax from people who won't refuse to pay it.

How did you answer the question?

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