Monday, September 07, 2009

Fighting In Sporting Events

The Oregon football player that Sunday punched an opppnent on the field has been suspended from play for the rest of the season. I agree with the suspension and I think most people do. However, I soon realized that punishing this player is inconsistent with the on-field conduct of professional athletes who are role models for amateur athletes.

Fighting among professional athletes is not only tolerated, it is expected in some sports, especially hockey and baseball. Hockey teams have their enforcers. Pitchers intentionally "brush back" the batter by throwing the ball at the batter who is often struck. Then the dugouts empty as both teams entertain the fans with a brawl in the infield.

I have always thought that fighting on the field should be dealt with like fighting off the field. Both, in my opinion, are criminal conduct.

As long as we accept fighting in professional sports we should expect our amateurs to do the same.

What do you think? Should we continue to condone fighting in professional sports? If so, should amateurs be allowed to do the same?

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Kansas Bob said...

I think that professional sports, unlike their amateur counterparts, is really just pure paid-for entertainment and not athletic competitions. Consequentially the rules are different.. not that they should be.. they just are.

I pro sports all that counts is winning. In amateur sports the saying "it is how you play the game that counts" is true.. unless you are an alumni.