Friday, September 18, 2009

Will The Extreme Rhetoric Of Anti-Obama Demonstrators Lead To Violence?

For the second time since Obama's innaguration the GOP and the Democrats are at odds over whether anti-Obama sentiment and rhetoric could result in violence.

In April, the Homeland Security Department issued a report that warned that Obama's presidency could give rise to an increase in right-wing extremist group membership and activities.  The GOP demanded and received a retraction and an apology from Napolitano of Homeland Security.  However, future events proved that the warning was valid and the GOP's response was wrong.  Membership in extremists groups has increased, right-wing demonstrations are increasing in number and the demonstrators are becoming more angry and threatening.  Some demonstrators have brought firearms to townhall meetings and political demonstrations.  Right-wing violence has also increased with the murder of a security guard at the Halocaust Museum in Washington, DC and the assasination of a prominent abortion doctor.

This week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed a concern that the rhetoric of right-wing demonstrators could incite violence.  Pelosi said that similar rhetoric in San Francisco in the 1970's preceded the assisinations of the mayor and a council member.

In response, Rep. Pete Sessions (Texas), chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, stated, "the Speaker is now likening genuine opposition to assassination. Such insulting rhetoric not only undermines the credibility of her office, but it underscores the desperate attempt by her party to divert attention away from a failing agenda."

The GOP was wrong when they opposed the first warning and they are wrong now.  The intensity of the demonstrations is continually increasing and demonstrators and GOP politicians are using increasingly threatening rhetoric - many are calling for secession and armed revolution.  The GOP wants Americans to believe that these demonstrators represent the majority of Americans and as such have a constitutional right to resist acts of oppression by the Left-wing and the Obama administration.  The GOP is only using the extremists to advance their agenda to defeat all efforts by the Democratic lead Congress and Obama.  The GOP is only serving the interests of the corporations and industries that support them financially.  For that the GOP is willing to accept the violence that will ultimately result from the extremists that they are inciting.

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