Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Birther Will Deliver GOP Response To Obama's Address To Congress

Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany has been selected by the GOP to deliver their response to President Obama's address to Congress on health care reform. Relatively unknown, Boustany may have been selected because he is a medical doctor. The GOP is obviously unconcerned that Boustany was a cosponsor of "The Life Sustaining Treatment Preferences Act of 2009" that would require Medicare to pay doctors for providing end-of-life counseling, which the GOP has labeled the "death panel" in its argument against health care reform. The GOP must also be unconcerned that Boustany is one of several Congressional Republicans who do not accept that President Obama was born in the United States and thus qualified to be the president.

The GOP's choice to respond to Obama's first address to the nation was Bobby Jindal who, prior to his speech, was a 2012 GOP Presidential hopeful. Jindals's disappointing speech, among other things, quickly ended his presidential aspirations. But, this selection seems to be an even poorer choice than their first. The majority of Americans are smart enough to believe that Obama is a natural citizen of the United States. How many of them will question Boustany's qualifications because he is a Birther?

Why does the GOP feel that Boustany is the best choice? Will Boustany testify that reform legislation does provide for a "death panel" because HE proposed it? Will Boustany also deny Obama's citizenship?

Is the GOP a piece of "work" or what? This fine group of quasi-racist, bible-quoting, corruption-riddled obstructors of all Democratic legislation is hell bent on doing anything to restore their majority position in Congress in 2010 and defeat Obama in 2012 as soon as they identify who in the RNC is the best choice to be their Great White Hope, to quote Republican congresswoman Lynn Jenkins of Kansas. And while they accomplish these self-serving goals they MUST also defeat health care reform for the health care industry that so generously contributes to many GOP members of our Congress. What will they be doing for the American people? Nothing!

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Heather Ann said...

My 15 year old son watched the speech with me and was shocked by the ridiculous response from the Republicans. "Did he listen to the speech?" he said.